1. Go to MNET website, link -> mama.interest.me/poll
2. Click ‘Join’.


3. Fill in all the details needed. Don’t forget to check all the 2 small boxes of privacy policy as you can see at the picture. Then click ‘Join in’.

4. After that, close the page and go to your email account (the one you input to register at Mnet).


5. Check your inbox and find the certificate number that Mnet sent to your email. Copy the numbers, and click the link sent within the certificate number.


If you did not get the notification email from Mnet, do repeat the registration steps above with the other email accounts (Gmail, Ymail, Plasa, Rocketmail, etc)


6. After clicking the link, paste the certificate number in the column. Then, click ‘Confirm’.


7. You now have an Mnet ID. Later, you can log in and vote by using that ID. (The tutorial of how to log in and vote will be described in other posts).




  1. Cassidy Wang says:

    How do I create the password? It keeps popping up like : password must be 8-12 letters including a mix of letters,numbers and symbol. Although I’ve checked that I have all of them,and the amount of characters,too,it didnt help at all

    • sparkyuindonesia says:

      we made this tutorial at last 2012, it’s kind a different these days, and Mnet site became weird ._. but basically, you still can make ID use this tutorial, try to use gmail instead other emails

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