[SG] Global Donation for GDA with Target_SJ


“Global Donation for GDA” is a Project by  ,working together with many fansites all over the world, to increase the MAMACITA physical album sale.

Please Read:

1. The Deadlock Condition: 

2. Rule, Disclaimers, FAQ  

3. Mechanism  


For Singaporean ELF, you can donate through  ^^


1. You can transfer your donation to our bank acc :

DBS Singapore (saving account) : 008-3-057374  (p.p. Petrigresia Efliana Fallo)

There is NO minimum donation! ^^


2. After transfer the donation, please send us a confirmation email:

to: sparkyuina.fund2@gmail.com

subject: GDA Donation

Content : name, twitter, email, amount of donation + Please attach your proof of payment or receipt


3. DONE, we’ll check it and update the list of the donors at Google Docs (will share the link)


4. For SG ELF or International ELF who want to donate through paypal, we can  also accept it. Send your donation to our paypal :  nadchee@gmail.com

After donated through paypal, you also have to send us a confirmation email:

to: sparkyuina.fund2@gmail.com

subject: GDA Donation – Paypal

Content : name, twitter, your paypal account, country

(Due to fee charge, The minimum donation through paypal is $3 )

OR you can just straight away to @Target_SJ ‘s paypal ^^


if you have any question regarding this project, you can chat us via LINE: sparkyuina OR mention us at our ask account : 


We really need ELF’s help to bring the GDA trophy to our Super Junior! So ELF,,, please DONATE! or if you still have money left and want to but the MAMACITA album, please buy! (please buy the A version instead of B version) Let’s do anything we can do to win the Daesang of GDA once and once more!




Best Regards,

Your Fellow EverLastingFriends


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