141112 [Starcast] ‘Sensitive Ballad Singer, Kyuhyun appears in Golden Fishery Radio Star ?’

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Today is Wednesday, the day of Golden Fishery Radio Star broadcast which is observed by Kyuhyun is aired~!!
Also 12 am of tonight (Wednesday) is the time for Kyuhyun that has started to attack ladies’ heart with honey-like vocal cords and sweet voice to release first solo album ‘At Gwanghwamun’ and start earnest solo album activities~!!
So we have prepared interview of sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun done by Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun that is met through STARCAST. Meet the exciting interview of Kyuhyun who has greatly acted two roles deep from his heart now! : )
(*We notice that this interview is a content projected by formalizing entertainment program, ‘Golden Fishery Radio Star’ but unrelated with the program.)



Golden Fishery Radio Star MC, Kyuhyun: Before starting the interview, let’s watch the MV teaser image of Kyuhyun’s solo album title song, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ which was released today morning.

Golden Fishery Radio Star MC, Kyuhyun: Ah.. it arouses expectation only by watching the MV teaser. Finally, your solo album is going to be released tonight at 12 o’clock. The title is… ‘At Gwanghwamun’. Why is it ‘At Gwanghwamun’ among so many places?

Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: It’s a dating course which many lovers come by since a long time ago. So I thought there would be many people that remember their memories at Gwanghwamun which matches well with this autumn weather. Thus Gwanghwamun, which is a place of such memories, is chosen as the title song material.


Golden Fishery Radio Star MC, Kyuhyun: So do you have memories at Gwanghwamun too?


Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: Kenzie composed and wrote the lyrics of title song ‘At Gwanghwamun’. This is a song which the recording was finished before 1~2 years ago. I personally go along well with Kenzie so a great song has been created this time. So I picked it as my title song. I think it would be a song that would be the best to listen at quite lonely mood. Staffs that worked on the recording said that they come up with this song whenever they go to Gwanghwamun after working on it. Gwanghwamun has so much floating population, right? I think it would appeal a lot…. ^^

Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: Did you also come up with this song when you went to Gwanghwamun after recording it?
Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: Of course. I went there several times after that and I involuntarily hummed to myself without noticing.


Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: The teaser image which was released with the first article of solo album is unique. You look like you have received a blow..^^ and it has autumn mood. Do you like it?!

Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I had a bad cold so I had hard time that day. I was filmed by putting on leaves on my eyes and sprinkling it on my head… I fell asleep while I was being filmed. (Zzz)


I was asleep and they had filmed me for about ten minutes like that. I was embarrassed after waking up but the photographer said the shooting was over and I had done well. We also shot at a railroad and I got scared when someone passed by. Actually it was a place where trains didn’t pass and safe to do anything, but I remember that I had got scared beforehand. (Laughs)


Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: We heard a lot about this album that Eunhyuk could only memorize the new song which wasn’t even released since Kyuhyun sang the song in the bathroom every day that made a lot of noise which was uncomfortable.


Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: Eunhyuk uses the main room and there is the bathroom in front of it. I always sing when I take a shower. So washed myself singing along the song that I had turned on while I was preparing this solo album. Since I sing so loud and the bathroom echoes a lot, Eunhyuk kept on hearing it… Maybe for about 50 times….. When I practiced it alone at the tour recently, Eunhyuk sang along to me. I asked him how he knew this and he replied that he memorized it all since I sung it in the bathroom a lot…… (Laughs)


Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: At the Golden Fishery Radio Star broadcast in April, Yoon Jong Shin said that you were gathering songs. Thanks to your promotion in public TV, many famous artists such as Kenzie, Yiruma, Jung Yup and TVXQ!’s MAX participated. It seems like you have put much greed in this album.


Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I didn’t gather songs after that broadcast was aired. Those that worked with me had already finished working and ‘At close’ which was presented by Honeydew’O (Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yup & Eco bridge) is a song which was also finished its recording already before 2 years ago. I have prepared this album for a long time. I recorded ‘One confession’ recently after that and the style of this song’s composer who is Yoon Young Jun that composed Sung Si Kyung’s ‘Two people’ and ‘It would be good’ matched well with me. I wonder whether he composed a song for me after seeing the broadcast of me saying that I’m collecting songs but he made a good song which came to complete a ballad song called ‘One confession’.

Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: Oh, there are songs that you composed by yourself among album tracks, right?



Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: Yes, there is a song titled ‘My thoughts, Your memories’ which I participated in the composition. Actually I sang the first verse of this song and repeated the chorus once again at the last part. However, I could perform like that because I could only make it like that. This song was composed by me before 3 years ago. I was forgetting it in my memories and since fans’ response was good than I had thought, I completed the song by staying up all night until 6~7 o’clock of the very day of the concert. But a good song got created than I had thought…. Responses around me was really great……. I want to compliment that I’ve wrote it well although I have done it.

Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: We heard that you’ve took long preparing this album….. Did something go wrong…?

Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I wanted to released it quite earlier but since I had other activities besides activities of SuperJunior and SuperJunior-M… I am presenting it after a-year delay. I have filled it up sufficiently as much as I’m presenting it after waiting for a long time.

Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: You have chosen ‘At Gwanghwamun’ as the best song in your life. Why did you choose this song?


Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I think when ‘Kyuhyun’ is said, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ would come up one’s mind. I picked this song at the thought that it would become a song that cannot be detached from me. Please think about me along with senior, Lee Moon Sae when you guys go to Gwanghwamun.

-Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: This is an official question.


Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: The first start of meeting the public as solo singer, Kyuhyun…..?!


Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I have mentioned before, I think it’s a nest. Nest that would be beside me always strongly at any time. It is like my family and house whenever I can go in.

Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: Lastly, please give a word of resolution starting solo activity. Additionally, give an encouragement to Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, ‘Kyuhyun’ too. ^^

Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: I have prepared this solo activity for a long time and fans would have been waiting for this for a long time too. There are people that only know me as a funny and exciting person. I hope and believe that people would get to know the image of sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun this time. Please give much love to ‘At Gwanghwamun’ since the whole tracks of it are going to be released tonight at 12 o’clock.


Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun: Really for the last, the day (13th) of the release of your solo album is the same day with Korean SAT. Please give a message for cheering test-takers that have been through hard time.

Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun: My solo album, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ is going to be released on November 13th, and I hope test-takers could be healed by listening to ‘At Gwanghwamun’ after the test is over.
Test-takers, you guys have all done well and I hope you don’t get frustrated even though you don’t do well at that test even though it’s a really important test in your lives. I hope you do great in SAT. Go Go!



Please look forward to Kyuhyun’s first solo album, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ which is going to be released tonight (13th, 12 am). We hope you support Kyuhyun who will show various images through entertainment programs, solo activities, and SuperJunior.
Thank you! : )







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