[Lyric || Hangul + Rom + English Translation] Kyuhyun – 나의 생각, 너의 기억 (My thoughts, Your memories)


Track 07
Album: The 1st Mini Album ‘광화문에서 (At Gwanghwamun)’
Title: 나의 생각, 너의 기억 (My thoughts, Your memories)

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어느새 너를 떠나 보내고
몇 번의 계절이 지나갔어
죽을 것처럼 아파했던 가슴도
조금씩 무뎌져 괜찮아지더라
너 아닌 다른 누군가
내 안에 담아보려 했지만
누굴 만나도 지독하게 사랑하던
예전의 내 모습은 없더라
많이 웃고 울던 그 시절 우리 둘
술 한잔에 묻어주려는 친구들
멋쩍은 듯
고개 숙여 웃고 마는
지금 우리는 그때를 잊은 걸까
바보 같던 내가
너무 어렸던 내가 밀어냈어
그게 널 위한 일이라 생각했어
조금만 조금만 더
널 늦게 만났더라면
어쩌면 헤어지지 않았을까
여전히 너 하나 지우지 못한 걸
알면서도 붙잡을 수가 없는 나
나를 보고 잘 가라며 돌아서는
너의 뒷모습에 가슴이 시리다
오늘도 바래진 기억에
울다 지쳐서 잠이 들겠지
얼마나 더 차가운 많은 밤을
흘려 보내야 널 잊을 수 있을까
바보 같던 내게 너무 어렸던
내게 웃어주던 너는
내겐 꿈이었고 전부였어
아파도 내 곁에서만
행복할 널 알았다면
어쩌면 헤어지지 않았을까
아직도 사랑하고 있었을까

English Translation

Several seasons have already passed since I let you go
My heart that hurt like death is slowly getting better

I tried placing someone other than you in my heart
But whoever I meet, I couldn’t find the old me, who was passionate about love

The days we laughed and cried a lot, my friends try helping me bury it with alcohol
As I uncomfortably smile with my head down, I wonder if we forgot about those days

I was so foolish, I was too young
I pushed you away, I thought that was best for you
If only I met you a little later, would we have not broken up?

I know I won’t be able to erase you but I can’t hold onto you
My heart aches as I see you turning away after you told me goodbye

I’ll probably fall asleep, exhausted from crying about the faded memories
How many more cold nights do I have to spend to forget you?

I was so foolish, I was too young
But you smiled for me, you were my dream and my everything
Even if it hurt, if only I knew you would be happy by my side, would we have not broken up?

Would we still be in love?

Sources : 

Hangul Lyric from sj-market, Romanization by sparkyuina, English Translation by pop!asa


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