141122 [Interview || OSEN] ‘Kyuhyun’s First Place’

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[OSEN] Kyuhyun’s interview about MCD and MuBank’s first place.

Kyuhyun: AOA who was nominated along with me for first place has many activities, response was very good too. So I was thinking if it was really possible for me to get first place? Suddenly felt nervous, in the end I really got first place. Was shocked. Actually crying is not my style but my tears fell that day
Kyuhyun: After I went down the stage, I was very happy too. Staff were all going “wow first place singer” to congratulate me, then on the car I heard my song and I joked “this is the song that got first place recently?” I am always in an excited state, I feel that me getting first place this time was an accident

Did Radio Star’s hyung support you ?
Kyuhyun : Before the solo album was released, hyungs were always joking with a sharp tongue. although Jong Shin hyung said “top 50 . it is good if it can get into top 50.” I felt like I got if it can get into top 50. I always say mean things but my heart is thinking in a positive way too. So listening to hyungs’s words , I didn’t feel that there was anything bad. I have been scolded by Gura hyung many times, but not sure why , I feel that by listening to Gura hyung scolding me , I will become better.
Kyuhyun : Although personally I like ballads, people seem to only like ballads when it is autumn and not like dance hiphop. Just like me wanting to hear sweet songs in spring and happy songs in summer, this time the autumn season has greatly helped me.

Thoughts about future activities ?
Kyuhyun : feel very happy about being able to sing. Will work harder to sing in future , work even harder for activities.
About promise for getting first place.
Kyuhyun : I have been thinking about the promise. Now that I have gotten first place , I will go to Gwanghwamun without notice. If I see anyone who is lonely, I will sing for that person. Regardless if it is a male or female, I will definitely sing for him/her. Will also take and post a photo of verification online to reveal.

About his second solo album.
Kyuhyun : Looking forward to it a lot. Will start to collect songs now, want to prepare it slowly bit by bit. If I can have another album before 30 years old , that will be good, that is my target. Really very happy to be able to sing, will work even harder from now on to sing and do activities too.
Kyuhyun : Actually it is thanks to the fans and also luckily , everyone likes it so I got first place by chance. Really very thankful to everyone. In future , if the company allows , it will be good if Super Junior members and me keep releasing solo albums. Will look forward to it.


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