141127 [News || Soompi] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun keeps first place promise, sings for lonely citizen ‘At Gwanghwamun’ [5P]

Credit: soompi
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Super Junior member Kyuhyun has proven himself to be a man of his word by fulfilling his promise to sing to a random, lonely citizen “At Gwanghwamun,” after winning first place on various music programs with his solo debut title track.

During a recent interview, Kyuhyun shared his first place promise to fans: “I’ve continued to think about a promise, and now that I got first place, I will go to Gwanghwamun without notice and sing a song for an ordinary citizen who looks lonely. I promise to [sing] to anyone, man or woman, that looks sad and lonely.”

On November 25, without any prior notice as he promised, the Super Junior member appeared at Gwanghwamun. A number of fan accounts began to pop up, sharing that they had spotted Kyuhyun walking around Gwanghwamun and later approaching and singing to a citizen.

These accounts proved to be true, as the lucky citizen herself posted on her SNS of what had happened. She wrote: “I ran errands at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was standing outside to catch a taxi when someone said, ‘Excuse me.’ I was a bit on edge today so I thought, ‘What is this,’ but [when I turned around] there was Kyuhyun and a bunch of cameras. He asked ‘Are you lonely?’ (Was it that obvious?) and suddenly started singing for me. Then we took a picture, he gave me a signed CD, and then he left. I was standing there like an idiot, but I think it was his new song, ‘At Gwanghwamun.’ Thank you. I got through the day well thanks to you. I hope your album does well, or would you like to do well with me? I’m going to sleep with this at my bedside.”

It appears that after seeking out a lonely citizen, Kyuhyun not only sang to her, but also gifted her with a signed CD and posed for a photo as well.

Check out the proof shots below!

141127soompi1 141127soompi2 141127soompi3 141127soompi4


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