[PROJECT] ✮Kyuhyun Solo “At Indonesia” #SS6JKT ✮ [English vers]

A banner project to support Kyuhyun solo performance for Super Show 6 Jakarta, May 3rd at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City. Proudly brought to you by @StayTrueToSuJu @GAMEkyulogy@KYUindonesia @SparkyuINA @KYUdom @KyuhyunFacts @GyuHaeBiased @OurGyuhyun   and  !

Donate a minimum of IDR 10,000 (read: ten thousand Rupiah)
to BCA 49 7070 3107 – Inez Vidalita
Those who donate IDR 100,000 will receive a merchandise set as token of appreciation!

After all donations are gathered, we will print out the banners and give them out at the concert venue for FREE.

When you have donated, please send an email to peppergyuprojects@gmail.com with the subject [SS6 PROJECT].
Write down your Twitter ID, name, amount of donation, address, phone number and attach your payment receipt.

If you are residing outside of Indonesia and want to donate via Western Union, please send an email with subject [WESTERN UNION], later I will reply to you the steps on how to donate.
You can also donate via bank transfer : BCA 4970703107 (swift code: CENAI DJA; bank code: 014) or via PAYPAL : febikyute@gmail.com (Minimum of donation is USD $3.00)

Remember to email peppergyuprojects@gmail.com after you have donated.

Thank you! If you have any questions please mention @peppergyu.
.:: FAQs ::.
>> How do I participate?
Donate a minimum of IDR 10,000 (read: ten thousand Rupiah)
to BCA 49 7070 3107 – Inez Vidalita

>> How to receive merchandise set?
Donate IDR 100k.

>> How to get the banner?
Banners will be distributed at the venue. More TBA (read: to be announced).

>> What if I don’t have a bank account?
You can still donate, just go to the bank and ask them to send in the money.

>> After I have donated, what should I do?
Send email to peppergyuprojects@gmail.com with Subject [SS6 PROJECT]
Twitter ID:
Amount of Donation:
And ATTACH a picture of the receipt.

>> I forgot to take a picture of the receipt, what to do?
This is actually troublesome, so I hope you won’t do that. But, if however you did, in that email just write down the account you used to donate and the date.

>> Can I donate at the venue?
No, we need the donation to print out the banners. So, should be before the event.

>> Why should I donate? What is it for?
To print out the banners. So more donation, more banners!

>> I still don’t understand!
What is it that you don’t understand? Ask it directly to @peppergyu


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