170725 Henry Flitto Update with Kyuhyun [ 1P ]

Credit : Henry Lau

Trans by : bsaturn

shared by: choyoung for https://sparkyuindonesia.wordpress.com/


Henry Lau left a voice message on Flitto https://t.co/grkwpK29wa with #superjunior #gyuhyun

Henry: Hello. Who are you?
Kyuhyun: It’s Kyuhyun
Henry: Where are you right now?
Kyuhyun: I’m in Osaka, Japan. Kyosera Dome
Henry: What are you going to do now?
Kyuhyun: I’m going to go do Ichigo, going to go do strawberry (Ichigo is strawberry in Japanese)
Henry: Straberry?
Kyuhyun: Hai (yes)
Henry: Ah, who are you going to do strawberry with?
Kyuhyun: Changmin. I’m doing it with Changmin.
Henry: Okay, I got it. Are you excited?
Kyuhyun: Hai (yes). Bye~
Henry: To your fans…
Kyuhyun: I love you~
Henry: Okay, he says he loves you guys. Bye bye Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun: Bye~
Henry: Okay bye hyung~


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