160321 dong2okok Instagram Update with Kyuhyun

Credit : dong2okok

Translate : Tortoise_CCircle and kyuju32810

reupload and posted by : farfiays2620 for  https://sparkyuindonesia.wordpress.com/


녹화 도중 폭풍 눈물 😥 #규현 #kyuhyun #동상이몽 #슈퍼주니어 오늘 밤 11시 10분 방송 💕

A post shared by 동상이몽 SBS (@dong2okok) on

Kyuhyun : “(There are) a lot of students who wants to study, but due to their difficult family situation, they have to give it up. thingking about how I took my carefree student life for grantd and was wilful, I feel sorry and ashamed”

Kyuhyun cries when he hears about 18 years old  girl who have to bear the rsponsibility of earning money for the family yet doesn’t want to give up studying.


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