141127 [News] Kyuhyun ‘At Gwanghwamun’ Chinese Version has been revealed

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‘Super Junior’ Kyuhyun revealed Chinese version of his first solo track ‘At Gwanghwamun’.
On the 26th, Chinese version of his first solo album title track ‘At Gwanghwamun’ was released in Korea, China and Taiwan through online music streams.
The song has already swept #1 on major music charts as well as taking the first spot on iTunes music charts in eight Asian countries showing its huge popularity. Fans are showing much interests in this new version of the song.
Kyuhyun’s solo track ‘At Gwanghwamun’ has lyrical melody with a touch of Kyuhyun’s sentimental voice. The song metaphorically portrayed the changes of season after leaving his love.


141125 Kyuhyun ‘At Gwanghwamun’ mission [3P]

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141125 [News] SM to make edits for Kyuhyun’s ‘At Gwanghwamun’ Music Video

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SM Entertainment, the talent agency that represents boy band Super Junior, has announced that it will be making edits to the music video of member Kyuhyun’s debut release “At Gwanghwamun.”

The agency has agreed to make the edits after the censorship and quality control department of television network KBS announced that the video had not met the network’s standards. KBS released a report on November 24 stating that the “At Gwanghwamun” video had audio problems, so could not be aired.

SM representatives, speaking to media network MyDaily, explained that the agency would be making the appropriate edits to the video. MyDaily carried a quote from an SM spokesperson who said, “We will make edits and will submit the video for reconsideration by the KBS the censorship and quality control department.”

Kyuhyun’s debut mini album release has been enjoying great success since its release, and has even hit Number Two on the World Music Album Chart compiled by American chart company Billboard.

141122 [News] Kyuhyun talks about His first Solo Album , wants second Solo Album before He’s 30

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Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun recently opened up about his recent solo debut album.

Kyuhyun recently had an interview with the media about his solo album. His solo title track “At Gwanghwamun” has been topping numerous charts, even coming in at number one on “KBS Music Bank” and “Mnet Countdown.”

About how well-received the song was, Kyuhyun commented, “I think many people want to listen to ballads during the fall, over dance or hip-hop songs. Just like how you want to listen to something sweet in spring, and upbeat songs in the summer. The season definitely helped.”

He also showed his enthusiasm for another solo album. “I’m really looking forward to it,” he said, “I’m going to start collecting songs soon. This album took a while to prepare. I want to slowly start preparing now. I want another solo album before I’m 30. That’s my goal.”

He further added, “I’m so happy that I can sing, and I’m going to continue to try my best to sing and perform.”