Kyuhyun Says New SM Managers Are Tested By Being Assigned to Super Junior

Kyuhyun Says New SM Managers Are Tested By Being Assigned to Super Junior

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun has revealed SM Entertainment‘s way of testing just how much its newcomer managers can handle.

July 29′s episode of the MBC talk show “Radio Star” features guests singerHuh Gak, chef Jung Chang Wook, actress Kang Ye Bin and singer Bae Soo Jung.

On the show, the hosts tease Huh Gak over rumors they’d heard about how difficult a job it is to be his manager, and say it seems like his company treats him as a kind of boot camp for new managers. He admits that he’ll even sit in the passenger seat sit next to his manager in the van so that they can “chat,” when really he’s trying to observe the way that they drive.


Kyuhyun adds, “At our company too, when new managers are hired they send them to Super Junior.”

“If you can handle Super Junior, you can handle anything!” laughs host Yoon Jong Shin.


Super Junior recently returned from the July 25 and 26 SMTOWN concerts in Osaka, and are currently promoting their latest comeback single “Devil.”

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141201 [News || Soompi] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to Star in ‘Robin Hood’ Musical

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Known for their outstanding vocal skills, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and BEAST‘s Yang Yoseob have been confirmed for the upcoming musical, “Robin Hood.”

According to sources in the musical industry, the two idols will be starring in the musical alongside actor Yoo Joon Sang. The preparations are reportedly ongoing, and all three have already shot their profile pictures.

“Robin Hood” is based on the legendary British tale about a bandit that takes from the rich and gives to the poor.

Currently, Kyuhyun and Yoo Joon Sang are both appearing in the musical “Those Days,” while Yang Yoseob is touring around Japan with BEAST.

The musical will premiere in January, and the shows will be held at the D-Cube Art Center.

141128 [News || WikiKpop] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to hold Surprise Mini Concert on November 28

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‘Super Junior’ Kyuhyun will hold a special live concert to meet with fans.
On November 28, SM Entertainment announced that Kyuhyun will hold a surprise mini concert to thank the fans who support Kyuhyun and wish the success of his first solo album .
There will be two mini concerts on November 28. The first concert will be held at 1:30 pm at Ehwa Womens University Student Center. The time and place of the second concert will be unveiled at 3 pm on Kyuhyun’s official website and social media like Twitter.
The response will be fierce for the mini concert as many people across all age groups love and relate to Kyuhyun’s first solo song ‘At Gwanghwamun’.